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Today's Gorin #1 Saturday, September 17, 2022

Typhoon No. 14 is approaching.

It is the most ferocious typhoon we have ever experienced.

The news says it repeatedly.

My house deep in the mountains in Hirakawa has a forest right next to my house.

Trees are falling down, trees are falling on the road, and we are isolated and dangerous.

We are evacuating to Kotomi's parents' house.

(For those who don't know me, Kotomi-chan is my wife.)

It hasn't entered the storm zone yet, but it's already making a lot of noise outside.

I can't believe I'm writing my first blog entry at a time like this, of all times.

I can't believe I'm writing my first blog post at such a time.

I completely missed the timing to say, "We're open!

I completely missed the timing to say, "I've opened the site.

I have a feeling that the typhoon will be in full swing tomorrow.

A social networking site

"Roads in 〇〇 town are flooded.”

”In ▲▲ city, a utility pole has fallen down.”

”Please take a look at our new homepage.”

Definitely not the same thing.

Not now.

So you want us to wait until after the typhoon is over.

Yes, of course we don't want any damage, but we don't know what will happen.

You're being inappropriate.

That's true.

You're right.

You're right.

Brain meeting, unanimous decision.

Get ready and go to bed.

I just want to note here that I had this kind of conflict on this day.”

At noon, I had tea with Maeda-kun and had a small meeting.

Even at a fashionable coffee shop, he suddenly pulled out his Telecas custom and started playing it.

I started to sweat a little.

He was a senior player, so he had a look on his face that said, "Of course I have to play it.

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